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Chronicles is a podcast where real people, with real stories, have real conversations on health. We come together each month and open up about our lived experiences navigating chronic illness and mental health disorders across different parts of the world (US, Switzerland, Rwanda, Kenya, and South Africa) and chronicle our lives as young global health advocates committed to highlighting the voices of people living with noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and mental health.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Global Week of Action

    During this episode of Chronicles, Joab, Chantelle and Micaela discuss this week’s Global Week of Action on NCDs, and the role of individual, public and corporate accountability. How does systemic change happen? What is the role of education, advocacy and awareness? What is your commitment to the Global Week of ...


  2. We're back!

    We're back! It's been a tough few months as COVID-19 has disrupted everything we expected 2020 to be. But we've continued to stay in close touch through a challenging spring and have come back together this summer to start sharing our conversations again through Chronicles, a podcast about real people ...


  3. Balancing 2020

    Listen in to episode 4 of Chronicles, a podcast about real people with real stories having real conversations on health. Recorded in mid-January, the crew comes back together to share their reflections from the holiday season and think through our aspirations for 2020. We explore the topic of wellness in ...


  4. Stigma, internal and external

    Join us for episode 3 of Chronicles! In this deep dive about stigma, we first explore external stigma – insensitive comments or frustrating situations we’ve dealt with as others have responded to our or our family’s experiences. We also reflect on internalized stigma – how we’ve let other’s perceptions of ...


  5. Beyond the diagnosis

    Join us for episode 2 where we return to the podcast to share our personal experiences - and experiences of family members close to us - of encountering severe, chronic illness while young. We discuss having to grow up fast and quickly adjust to a new "normal" at the moment ...