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Chronicles is a podcast where real people, with real stories, have real conversations on health. We come together each month and open up about our lived experiences navigating chronic illness and mental health disorders across different parts of the world (US, Switzerland, Rwanda, Kenya, and South Africa) and chronicle our lives as young global health advocates committed to highlighting the voices of people living with noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and mental health.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. On empathy and advice

    Join us for another episode of Chronicles! We're back together for a conversation on advice, empathy, and connection. In this episode, we share personal stories about the best advice we've ever received, as well as the times where what we or others offered felt like it missed the mark. We ...


  2. COVID-19 vaccine: a shot for our futures

    Join us for this episode of Chronicles, where we share our thoughts on one of the most pressing global health issues -- COVID-19 vaccine efforts. We discuss the situation that each of our countries are facing, the responsibilities of wealthy governments, and other inequities we're worried about. We also talk ...


  3. Balancing words with action

    For the first episode of Season 2 of Chronicles, we're tackling how we and our colleagues advocate -- and the balance between words and action. Listen in to hear us break down the terms around advocacy that we find impactful… and especially the ones that make us uncomfortable. We also ...


  4. Trailer: Season 2

    We're still here! And we're back. Looking forward to a new year and new season of Chronicles, where we are continuing to come together to share real stories and have real conversations on health. Lots in store for 2021, hope you join us! Please also feel free to reach out ...


  5. Connecting through COVID

    In this episode of Chronicles, we discuss maintaining connectivity and connections through COVID-19. With all five of us on the podcast for the first time in a while, we share both the personal challenges of navigating how our communities have changed and the strategies we've used to maintain sanity and ...